MediaWiki to LaTeX

MediaWiki to LaTeX converts Wiki pages to LaTeX and PDF. It works with any website running MediaWiki, especially Wikipedia and Wikibooks. MediaWiki to LaTeX is purely written in the purely functional language Haskell. It was mainly devolved by Dirk Hünniger. The source code is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Binary releases for the most common operating systems are available for download. The Debian package is maintained by Georges Khaznadar.

Dirk Hünniger
Emil Schweitzer Str. S 10
D-47506 Neukirchen Vluyn
Telephone ++49-2845-3799993
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To compile MediaWiki pages via LaTeX to PDF choose any URL from Wikipedia or any other website running MediaWiki. If you intent to compile a wikibook make sure you use the link to the printable version of the book.
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Please note:

The LaTeX source code will be compiled several times to make sure all references are resolved. The whole process will usually take about one minute.

There is a time limit of four hours (≈ 2000 pages in PDF) on this server!

Requests taking longer will be terminated and a "Conversion Failed due to timeout or non zero exit code" message will be displayed. There is no limit in the downloadable version of the software, see link on right.
Web Interface

The web interface was artistically designed by Thomas Blume using YAML. It was technically implemented by Dirk Hünniger using the Blaze Html Framework in Haskell. Important ideas on the design of the user interface were contributed by Georges Khaznadar and Martin Wermers. The server this interface is running on is run by a WMF, who have to cover the costs, so please consider downloading the full version for free and running at on your own hardware instead of using this server.